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Artic Bath - Best Bathroom Fittings Manufacturer and Wholesaler. We are one of India’s well-known manufacturers and exporters of quality plastic bathroom fittings. Our company, Rapol Saniplast Pvt. Ltd.(Artic Bath) saw its inception in 1995 and is popular both in India and the Middle East. Our modern and high-tech manufacturing units along with a devoted workforce complement and go hand-in-hand to manufacture and deliver high-quality bathroom fittings.

We, RAPOL SANIPLAST PVT. LTD.(Artic Bath) are backed by two plants in Kerala and one at Coimbatore to design a unique range of Plastic Showers, Designer Plastic Bathroom Showers and bathroom fittings at market leading prices. With our modern machinery and technology, we have been able to expand and improve our existing product range while inculcating new designs, quality and endurance.

Quality bathroom fittings are most importance for the smooth functioning of bathroom. With our high quality bathroom fittings, we make your bathroom safe.

We stand amongst the top Bathroom fittings manufacturers in India with high quality bathroom fittings to suit your bathroom style. Browse through our exclusive collection which includes Pvc water taps, Plastic tap, bath fittings and much more to design your bathroom and make it breathe!

Features of Artic bathroom fittings

  1. The Artic Bath - Bathroom fittings are manufactured at our high-tech plant aided by modern injection-moulding machines and other auxiliary equipments.
  2. We incorporate the use of a high-grade imported virgin Polypropylene, ABS, Soft PVC, Rubber O'Rings and washers which is a chemically inactive thermoplastic and this guarantees that all our products are lightweight, resilient and durable.
  3. We conduct and undertake meticulous quality control checks and assessments and make sure that the Artic Bath water taps and bathroom fittings are 100% leak proof and drip proof thus ensuring happy customers’ with overall customer satisfaction.

Best Bathroom Fittings Manufacturer and Wholesaler


The stubborn quality system followed from the beginning is our strength.

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1. Best Entrepreneur Award 2011-12 from Government of Kerala Department of Industries and Commerce.

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Best Bathroom Fittings Manufacturers and Wholesalers. We are one of India’s well-known Manufacturers and Exporters of Quality Plastic Bathroom Fittings - Artic Bath


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Artic Bath – Best Plastic Tap Manufacturers in Kerala, Delhi, Ahmedabad, India.